The economusee


Couleur Chocolat became the chocolate maker's ECONOMUSEUM® on June 18, 2019. An ECONOMUSEUM® is a business that showcases artisans and their traditional trades by sharing their know-how with visitors. Couleur Chocolat is the first Economuseum to offer a virtual reality guided tour, an immersive 8-minute activity that allows visitors to discover the world of Carl Pelletier. Windows have been installed between the kitchen and the boutique, to bring customers closer to the chocolatier. Customers have a front-row seat to observe the chocolate-making process.


During the virtual guided tour (available in French and English), Carl presents the stages of production of his gourmet treats, and reveals the secrets behind their manufacture. Viewpoints are varied. The visitor will even become a chocolate himself/herself, redy to be coated. A tasting then takes the visitor from fiction to reality. In all, visitors can spend 30 minutes in the chocolate factory. Here's what's offered: a chat with the staff, a guided tour in virtual reality, a chocolate tasting while reading interpretation panels about the chocolate factory and Carl's know-how, and a short tour of the boutique.