Couleur Chocolat became the chocolate maker ÉCONOMUSÉE® on June 18th, 2019. It is the first ÉCONOMUSÉE to offer a VR guided tour. During the 8-minute immersive experience, Couleur Chocolat introduces visitors to Carl Pelletier's world. Between the kitchen and the boutique, a window gives customers a front-row look at the master chocolatier and his process.


During the virtual guided tour (available in French and English), Carl presents his delicacies' production stages and shares some of his secrets. Visitors experience the production in various ways, even as one of Carl's chocolates getting richly coated. After the tour, the experience moves from sight to taste. Visitors can spend 30 minutes of bliss in the chocolate factory and enjoy a chat with staff, a VR tour, a chocolate tasting, a tour of the boutique and learn from Carl in person or through interpretive panels.

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